Why is hardwood refinishing necessary?

Why is hardwood refinishing necessary?

No matter how much maintenance you give to your hardwood flooring, it reaches a point where your once- sparkling floors have gotten a beating and are no longer what they used to be.

But there’s good news, hardwood flooring can make a comeback when refinished.

Why is hardwood refinishing necessary?

Hardwood refinishing is majorly done to restore the original look and condition of the wood planks. Most people choose to refinish their hardwood floors because;
  • They are planning to sell the home and the floors need to attract buyers
  • Need to give a facelift to your home for a refreshing feel
  • Or you want to cut on cost of installing brand new hardwood floors

Prepping hardwood floors before refinishing

Preparation before refinishing usually takes more time. So, in order to prepare your floors for refinishing, there are steps that need to be followed.

1st step – clean your hardwood floors making sure all stains and dusts are off the floor surface.

2nd step – inspect for signs of cracks or damaged boards. Fill the cracks and replace or repair the damaged boards also make sure there are no exposed nails or protrusions which may hinder the tools and equipment used in the refinishing process.

3rd step – sanding. In case you were doing the refinishing process yourself; it is advisable to hire a professional to take over from this part because sanding requires the use of large machinery and the process produces a lot of dust and debris, plus it requires an expert to achieve an even floor.

Final step- sweep and vacuum the floor to remove dusts produced during sanding and then buff the floor. Buffing cleans and relaxes the wood fibers.


After sanding, cleaning and buffing, the last stage is staining. Staining crowns the hardwood refinishing process.

This means it has to be flawless. If you want to change the floor color you can do so but make sure the stain you choose goes well with the other features of the room.

Hardwood refinishing might take a lot of time but the process is worth it.

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