What is Hemmendorff Floor Design?

There’s a great new trend for hardwood floors that’s starting to come to the forefront…and all you need is some black paint, white paint, and imagination!

The Hemmendorff Floor Design originated in Sweden by a designer named Olle Hemmendorf. It’s a custom design – no two Hemmendorff floors are exactly alike.  

First, the floor is painted a bright, full white color. Then, using black paint, various designs are stenciled into the floor. The design doesn’t need a rhyme or reason…it just needs to be painted into whatever style suits the homeowner’s tastes.

In Olle’s case, when he first came up with the so-called “Hemmendorff” design, he wanted to bring up the wood floors in his apartment. Unfortunately, however, his landlord wouldn’t allow him to do so, because it would reduce the value of the apartment. So, instead, Hemmendorff covered the floor with white vinyl contact paper and then drew the designs of his dreams on it. The result: a dramatic floor that’s unlike anything else out on the market today!

Hemmendorff knew that the floor he created was so unique that not everyone could re-create it. So, in response, he posted a YouTube video (because if something exists, the how-to also exists on YouTube) walking the average person through the finer points of his unique design.

But Hemmendorff isn’t just known for the flooring design that bears his name. In the past, he’s also been commissioned by Nike to “re-imagine” their sneakers. His preferred medium of choice? Hamburger meat.

Hemmendorff is also a freelance artist, designer, and illustrator who has been working in the advertising industry since he was in high school. He left his position at his old advertising firm after he invented Looklet, an online site for the fashion industry that aides in clothing photo shoots.
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