Top Ways to Save Money on Your Home Improvement

As with many people, money is not unlimited for most people, and budgets are certainly not endless during a home improvement project. So, we’ve come up with the best tips on how to save money on home improvement!
  1. Consider efficiency, not size. You don’t have to blow out walls to gain square footage – just take out bulky shelving and cabinetry and replace it for more efficient usage of square footage. This is especially good if you’re renting, as opposed to owning, or if square footage is at a premium.
  2. Sometimes, you don’t need to get a whole new bedroom set, or blow out your bedroom walls…sometimes, all you need is a new headboard (which, of course, you can make yourself) and some new artwork above the headboard.
  3. Hit your salvage shops. While antiquing is fun, it can also get very expensive. Salvage shops, on the other hand, are usually a lot cheaper because they “rescue” things from soon-to-be-demolished buildings.
  4. Consider “odds and ends” lots. You can find these if you ask your local contractor or sub-contractor – basically, whenever a contractor is finished with a job, s/he usually has leftover, unused materials that you can use for your project. Of course, this would only make sense if you have a small amount of square footage that you’re working with because the average percentage of waste is only about 10% or so.
  5. Sometimes, you can add the appearance of square footage with a few well-placed full-length mirrors! For only a few hundred bucks, you can add two (2) full-length mirrors to one wall to make your choice of room look bigger (and adds more light!)

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