Making The Most from Your Old Carpeting

Making The Most from Your Old Carpeting

There's nothing warmer and brings coziness to your space like a new carpet.

But it's inevitable; for every carpet, there's always the breaking point, where they all get worn and torn out.

So, what do you do in such a case?

Carpet removal creates a huge bulk of waste that most trash collecting companies may not accept. But there's a way carpet disposal can be done that is safe and eco-friendly.

Are carpets recyclable?

The answer is yes, area rugs, throw rugs, and any carpet are mostly made from a combination of plastic, fiber material, and chemicals, making it hard to decompose. The most suitable way to dispose of them is through recycling.

What can a carpet be recycled into?

With the emerging technologies, carpets can be recycled into several things, such as:

  • Old wool carpeting can be transformed into sound and heat insulation products, thanks to its insulating property.
  • Old wool carpet fibers are rich in nitrogen, making it possible to recycle them into peat replacements and soil enhancers for contained growing media, such as in green roofs and compost.
  • A mixed synthetic of nylon/polyester carpets can be shredded then mixed with sand to form a surface ideal for equestrian purposes.
  • Old carpets with polypropylene fiber can also be shredded and granulated to recover polypropylene fiber pellets.
  • Carpet tiles can be refurbished and reused to create cheaper flooring options.
  • And lastly, carpet wastes that are not recyclable can be used to generate energy for fuel sources in cement kilns.

In case you can't do any of these, you can always call your local carpet removal and disposal service provider.

Carpet disposal company in West Palm and the surrounding counties

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