How Vinyl and Laminate Flooring Can Benefit Your Home

laminate flooring
There was a time not that long ago where many homeowners wouldn’t even consider having a vinyl and laminate floor covering in any area of their house other than a couple of rooms with distinct functions. This type of flooring was almost looked at as a “work floor” for the inside of residences where spills and accidents were common.

However, this is certainly no longer the case as vinyl and laminate floor installation has greatly risen in popularity over the last several years. This has led to local companies in the West Palm Beach area such as Prestige Carpet and Tile providing hundreds of thousands of miles of this type of flooring to residents and other flooring repair and installation professionals.

Isn’t This Type of Flooring Meant for Bathrooms and Kitchens?

That is a question that most people had about vinyl and laminate flooring when it first started showing up in folks’ homes in rooms other than these over the last couple of decades. But many people would soon begin to learn how much this kind of flooring material had changed since they were little kids sitting on granny’s kitchen floor.

With style and flare now offered in the many numerous design options available, more and more homeowners are opting to have it put in their houses and condos. Here are some of the areas of the home where it is common to have a laminate or vinyl floor installation:

  • Living areas
  • Basements
  • Hallways
  • Outdoor areas

How Diverse Is Vinyl and Laminate Flooring?

The truth is that vinyl and laminate flooring options are extremely diverse in both visual appeal and function. While providing a sturdy and scratch resistant surface, they are also available in a number of different appearances. This type of flooring can take on the look of stone, marble, wood, tile and many others.

And you can even get a waterproof laminate for homes that may be in flood zones or are prone to a major hurricane (like southern Florida) every so often as well.

No matter what kind of flooring you are planning on having installed, the fact is that you need to make certain that you are bringing in someone you can trust for advice and materials. For more than two decades, Prestige Carpet and Tile has been helping people all over Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas find just the right choice for their homes. Visit them online today!