Bothered With Your Damaged Tiles?

Bothered With Your Damaged Tiles?

Tiles are beautiful, durable and easy to clean. But when they wear out, they lose their visual appeal and can also be a hazard. For instance, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are notoriously sharp and can injure someone.

Fortunately, these hazards can be prevented by repairing, restoring or in extreme circumstances replacing the tiles.

Tile repair

Damaged tiles can really be a nuisance. You immediately think of replacing or repairing the damage. But unlike tile replacement, repair can be cost saving and it doesn’t consume much time.

Why is immediate tile repair important?

Repairing broken tiles saves a lot. Remember the saying a stitch in time saves nine?

Here is why you need to repair broken tiles ASAP:

  • To prevent the damage from worsening
  • To prevent water damage
  • For safety purposes
  • You can save time and money
  • And still be able to keep the tile you love
The repair process can be pretty easy. It involves;

Finding a tile replacement that matches the damaged tile and a matching grout.

Next is to remove the damaged tile making sure that the neighboring tiles are not damaged

Lastly you want to ensure you place the new tile perfectly making sure it matches seamlessly. Stay clear of the repaired part until it is firm.

Besides repairing damaged tiles, another cost-effective measure of restoring damaged tiles is through the tile restoration process which involves cleaning the damaged floor tiles and sealing them in place making the tiles return to their original bright state.

Repair and restore your tiles with Prestige Carpet & Tile Clearance

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