Best Ways of Repairing Damaged Floor Tiles

Best Ways of Repairing Damaged Floor Tiles

Are your floor tiles showing signs of damage?

When installed correctly, tiles offer the most sturdy, durable and ideal solution for both floors and walls in the home. However, this doesn’t mean that they are completely devoid of problems. Some of the damage tiles go through are cracking and popping.

Here is what you need to know to assess the damage your floor is undergoing;

Aaah tiles cracking….

Does this sound familiar?

Tiles usually crack due to underlying issues, mostly incorrect installation and sometimes it can be due to extreme temperature changes, cracks in the substrate or maybe supporting too much weight
or sometimes dropping a heavy item on the floor.

What about popping tiles?

This is the most common floor issue in most houses. It makes most home owners frustrated. The popping is usually caused by trapped air inside the tile, which in certain weather conditions receive additional force and may blow out.

Because of this reason, some people have deduced that small dimension tiles are more prone to popping and so they opt for larger dimension tiles. And this might be a way of solving the problem of tile popping but not an ideal way.

What you should do to fix cracking and popping tiles

The hard truth is repairing a damaged floor is extremely frustrating especially popping tiles. Its like cancer, once it exists high chances are it will spread.

The best solution to this is going the renovation way by replacing the entire floor. Having a professional do this is the most recommended. sYou will not only have solved a problem but also have refreshingly new floors of your choice and color.

Cracked tiles on the other hand can be repaired depending on the type of cracks they form. For example;

  • Minor cracks; you need a small amount of clear epoxy and some paint that match the tiles.
  • Large tile cracks; this is a little trickier to pull off, if not executed correctly you can run the risk of damaging the surrounding tiles. For that reason, it is best to contact a local flooring repair technician.

Want a floor repair in Palm Beach?

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